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Tips to Keep Your Aging Dog Comfortable & Healthy

Jordan Walker is well versed in pets and pet care. He is a regular contributor to Coops And Cages and other blogs where he shares his passion and knowledge of pets. In this article, he tackles the inevitable – old age in dogs and how dog owners can keep them...

Shocking Dog Food Research Study

It's a sad state of affairs for consumers and their pets.  Our government has allowed big name pet foods to continue to contaminate products that we feed our beloved dogs (and cats too).  Pet food is a multi-billion dollar industry that is not being regulated as it should be.  I...

Raw Roundup

Raw Feeding from the Experts: Raw Roundup! Dogs Naturally Magazine is back with another Raw Roundup live online webinar. This conference will be held on March 27th-29th 2015. For a limited time you can receive a $100 discount on the webinar. Dr. Ian Billinghurst, Marty Goldstein, DVM, Karen Becker, DVM,...

The MOST Nutritious Ingredient for Dogs

So what is it?  Green Tripe! You might have seen tripe in the grocery store in its bleached form. Tripe is the stomach of a ruminating (grazing) animal. These animals include cows, buffalo, and sheep. Unlike the stomach of a dog, ruminants have four chambers. The chambers serve to process...

Scripps Holiday Party for Therapy Dogs

Scripps Health hosted a Blessing of the Pets and a “howliday” party at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla for its volunteer therapy dogs and their handlers.  More than 60 certified therapy dogs visit patients at at the hospital throughout the year.  These dogs have a huge impact upon the...