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Pet Tech – Music & Dogs

Bugs Bunny claimed that music calms the savage beast.  Is it true?  Does music affect mood and behavior? Have you ever noticed while driving how music influences your mood and behavior?  Okay, image that you are listening to your favorite song that particularly gets you pumped up.  The intense beat...

Coconut – A Natural Miracle

I add oil to my dogs' diet.  I alternate  different types of oil that I add to their food each day.  One of my favorites is coconut oil.  I add coconut oil to my own diet as well.  I have applied coconut oil topically to heal hot spots and other...

Winter Aches & Pains

Winter is on its way.  Like people get aches and pains, so do our dogs.  Past injuries, weak bones, and arthritis plague us all.  What can be done? Approximately one in five dogs develops arthritis during their lifetime. Canine arthritis can be effectively managed through the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory...

Dog Food – All About it

Our dogs are becoming sicker and sicker.  Obesity, cancer, colitis, diabetes, digestive issues, skin issues, dental issues, organ diseases, and the list goes on and on.  Why are our dogs so sick?  Diet is directly linked to the health of our dogs.  What’s healthy?  What’s not?  What type of food...

Pet Food Safety Concerns & the Dog Food Advisor (part II)

A reader wrote some very hostile and malicious comments. Being that this website is my personal space, I feel that I cannot allow such nastiness in MY home. It’s fine to disagree, but there are ways that are tactful and more productive. My article was NOT meant to be a...